I have no interest in extolling the virtues of one piece of photographic equipment over another but, for those keen to know about the tools used to create these images, here are the details:

- Minolta X-300 SLR. 24mm; 28mm; 50mm; 90mm Macro & 135mm prime lenses. 28-70mm & 80-210mm zoom lenses
- Bronica ETRSi (645) 50mm; 75mm, 105mm Macro and 135mm lenses
- Bronica GS-1 (6x7). 65mm, 100mm and 200mm lenses
- Canon EOS5D Mk II. 28mm, 50mm,100mm Macro and 24-105mm lenses
Filters: Polarisers; 81-series warm-ups, Graduated Grey, Neutral Density, Orange and Red filters. A solid tripod.